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FM A.48 face L grains.jpg


This project was carried out as a weekend exploration to design a comfortable face mask of N95 grade without compromising the ease of use and breathability for longer hours of usages. 

Inspired from black panther's face cut, bringing out its unique grace adding a distinct character to the lifestyle of the wearer. The ear clip structure is derived from conventional eyewear considering the low resting stress while putting on.

The clip is in high tensile strength stainless steel which is envisioned to retain the right profile without leaving it loose and provide a snug fit to secure the face cover. 

FM A.43 dark.jpg
FM A.0 copy.jpg
BP FM p1 b.jpg
BP FM P1.jpg
FM A.17 R Pers Lt.jpg
FM A.35 R exp lt.jpg
FM A.52 copy.jpg
FM A.42 front b.jpg
FM A.22 light.jpg
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