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For Remote assistance to salt pan laborers in remote Morbi, Gujarat

The salt pan laborers of Morbi, Gujarat are living in the middle of harsh earth where they are cut from the rest of the world with no access to basic resources for survival. The climatic and working conditions are already extreme and hazardous with zero support from brokers/ landlords or even the governments. The drone will not only serve as emergency assistance to the migrant families living on salt pan fields but also empower them to do their work in harsh situations more comfortably and efficiently.

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The drone is modular and designed to carry payloads and modules which will test saltwater samples from different sections of the cured salt pan fields for the laborers and help them in quality assurance and bargain them a better price for the produce. This will come in handy in extreme temperatures touching 50 degrees Celsius during summers when going out may result in heatstroke and serious health hazard.

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The vision intelligence envisioned to be incorporated in the drone will help the migrant laborers to collect and test water samples from different sections of the salt pans and allow them to stay inside their homes in the middle of the harsh sun or even help them locate lost persons or kids in the remote locations where there is limited connectivity.

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Research paper presented at RSD7, Turin Italy & OCAD, Toronto

System-oriented social innovation for improving the living condition of salt pan laborers. In: Proceedings of RSD7, Relating Systems Thinking and Design 7, 23-26 Oct 2018, Turin, Italy.

The paper is also archived in OCAD University, Toronto Canada

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